It is a set of windows that are sometimes blind, sometimes symbolized, sometimes leading to a fantasized exterior. These windows send us back to our own interiority and question us about our capacity for projection as well as the power of the imagination. Due to the confinement, the window became our only vantage point to an unattainable exterior.

The allegory of the cave came to mind then. This outside world that was forbidden to me, an illusion of a reality of life during such a strange period had become my reality. A distance has imposed itself in my perception of the outside world. What I observed from my window had taken on the same meaning for me as a series of shots organized like theatrical sets. Fiction had taken part in my daily life.

At the same time as this spatial change, time had stood still and the hours were spinning in total distortion. I found solace in every picture in this series that echoed a day of mine or one of my thoughts. Sometimes closed and hopeless, sometimes open to an ideal elsewhere. These deserted or deserted places? Where time is frozen, continue to live in me like little inner worlds where I can escape.

Thomas jorion