« The ideas ruins evoke in me are grand. Everything comes to nothing, everything perishes, everything passes, only the world remains, only time endures. » Diderot

Photographer Thomas Jorion offers us with his “Veduta” series a dive into an Italy from another time. The series of photographs, taken in Italy from 2009 to 2020, presents forgotten places, withdrawn from the world, dusty theater of frozen time imbued with fallen magnificence.
Palaces, gardens, masserias, summer resorts… the photographer traveled Italy from north to south for almost ten years to find these mysterious and silent places that no one cares about anymore. The grandeur and architectural splendor of these rich 18th and 19th century residences thus endure through the prism of the photographer’s gaze.
These photographs of forgotten palaces with a singular aesthetic between dilapidation and eternal beauty, echo the current of 18th century Italian painters walking through ancient ruins: Hubert Robert or even Piranesi.[…]

A book on this series was published by Editions de la Martinière in October 2020 : Veduta book